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When it’s time to breathe.

When things have been upside down and finally turn, you’d think the first thing to do is take a deep long breath and enjoy. Well, I don’t work that way. Instead I run… Continue reading

New dreams.

When one dream goes down the drain, you get a chance to reconsider your perspective. Was this really what I wanted? Besides it doesn’t matter, the past is gone. I’m now rebuilding and… Continue reading

Welcome to the world Ariana!

As you know there’s a new family member that rules the day and night. Of course that changes everything. But one thing only gets stronger. The feeling that I can teach her that… Continue reading

Kicking fears ass and having cake.

Sometimes I wonder what reality I live in. But one thing I figured out is that acceptance of what is, can open the door to a greater reality. I’m still lost. But I… Continue reading

Let the heart speak

There is a moment after the change where nothing seems to happen. You’ve done what you can, read all the books, written all your lists of how you want things to be. You’re… Continue reading

My light bulb moment!

When a miracle happens, it can be hard to believe it. Even for me. But what I didn’t count on was how hard it is for the world around me to believe it.… Continue reading

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