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When it’s time to breathe.

When things have been upside down and finally turn, you’d think the first thing to do is take a deep long breath and enjoy. Well, I don’t work that way. Instead I run… Continue reading

Connection reflection.

I remember before the internet. That’s when I traveled the world. Amazing that we got anything done before the net glued the world together. Sometimes I wonder if I was perhaps more connected… Continue reading

New dreams.

When one dream goes down the drain, you get a chance to reconsider your perspective. Was this really what I wanted? Besides it doesn’t matter, the past is gone. I’m now rebuilding and… Continue reading

When it all sinks in…

Today I heard the words subtle shifts. I was listening to a book from Gabrielle Bernstein, May cause miracles. I’ve seen and heard this several times. But suddenly it was like I actually… Continue reading

Dreams and ice cream…

Trusting that it will all work itself out sounds easy. But when you’re a slight control freak and an empath, it’s easier said than done. I would love to follow my own advice,… Continue reading

Welcome to the world Ariana!

As you know there’s a new family member that rules the day and night. Of course that changes everything. But one thing only gets stronger. The feeling that I can teach her that… Continue reading

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