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New dreams.

When one dream goes down the drain, you get a chance to reconsider your perspective. Was this really what I wanted? Besides it doesn’t matter, the past is gone. I’m now rebuilding and… Continue reading

About love and sun

When the sun comes, it’s like it melts away worries and spread hope. My new plan for life is unconditional love. I think the baby that’s coming will help with that. I just… Continue reading

My light bulb moment!

When a miracle happens, it can be hard to believe it. Even for me. But what I didn’t count on was how hard it is for the world around me to believe it.… Continue reading

Eye-opening moments!

I’ve had a very good friend over from Norway this week. Apart from wishing I could change the weather so she could get 7 days of sun here, I am amazed at how… Continue reading

Getting the right focus!

Oh my, that’s really hard sometimes. Thankfully I have this flowy feeling that it will all be ok, that even though there’s a crisis in Portugal, and everybody is complaining and saying business… Continue reading

Sandra about Anne….

  I got a wonderful surprise yesterday, my friend Sandra wrote a blogpost about me, and I’d love to share it with you, click to read more. I hope you all are having… Continue reading

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