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When it’s time to breathe.

When things have been upside down and finally turn, you’d think the first thing to do is take a deep long breath and enjoy. Well, I don’t work that way. Instead I run… Continue reading

When it all sinks in…

Today I heard the words subtle shifts. I was listening to a book from Gabrielle Bernstein, May cause miracles. I’ve seen and heard this several times. But suddenly it was like I actually… Continue reading

Dreams and ice cream…

Trusting that it will all work itself out sounds easy. But when you’re a slight control freak and an empath, it’s easier said than done. I would love to follow my own advice,… Continue reading

Welcome to the world Ariana!

As you know there’s a new family member that rules the day and night. Of course that changes everything. But one thing only gets stronger. The feeling that I can teach her that… Continue reading

Share the light!

So, after a turbulent year, I’m still here, better than ever. If you asked me if I knew what I was doing when I wrote in my blog last year about how to… Continue reading

About love and sun

When the sun comes, it’s like it melts away worries and spread hope. My new plan for life is unconditional love. I think the baby that’s coming will help with that. I just… Continue reading

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