All the time in the world?

Yes, according to Einstein, I do have all the time in the world, we all do. That means running after the clock might not be working as swimmingly as we would like, but… Continue reading

It isn’t always a piece of cake!

When I create a new design or a painting, I sometimes have to work against my own mind. I have to force myself to do it different, try a different pen or technique.… Continue reading

Reaching for the stars and celebrate on the way!

After doing hard work it’s important to celebrate! But I just realised that I’m not very good at that, I just keep on to the next task. So that’s something I want to… Continue reading

Time to shine!

When I embarked on this journey called life, I didn’t expect to be so amazed. It’s just nothing like what they teach you in school, is it? I’ve always liked to challenge the unspoken… Continue reading

Settle for more or less?

Suddenly I find myself on unfamiliar territory. What if it actually goes well? Oh my! I’ve been doing some soul-searching, ground-breaking, deep work on changing the way I think about money, from my… Continue reading

Finding the power within.

I’ve always been told I am strong and stubborn, not always meant as a compliment, but I usually take it as one. In the eight grade I wrote an essay, and I knew… Continue reading

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