What’s your superpower?

Inspired by Danielle LaPorte I started thinking about my superpowers! Is it flying, is it invisibility or perhaps invincibility? Maybe it’s dreaming. Because that’s when I feel the most invisible and powerful. Untill… Continue reading

Not grateful yet…

I wish I was a beacon of light upon my own sky all the time. But not so much at the moment. I complain. Then when one of my dreams suddenly becomes a… Continue reading

How are you today?

I finally found my creativity under the bed in between the dustbunnies, of course it always awakes in the late hours of the night when I’m suppose to be sleeping! Here’s some of… Continue reading

Don’t step on my cloud!

The bar is open and I’m struggling to remind myself why we do what we do. Thankfully I have good friends to keep reminding me why. We’ve had a lot of great feedback,… Continue reading

I just want to be me.

When my dream is about to be realised, even though it doesn’t look the way I imagined, for a moment I have this sense of weithlessness, like I could fall through the sky… Continue reading

Getting the right focus!

Oh my, that’s really hard sometimes. Thankfully I have this flowy feeling that it will all be ok, that even though there’s a crisis in Portugal, and everybody is complaining and saying business… Continue reading

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