With love from Norway

I have been away far too long from my blog. I need to express myself. I haven’t done that for stupid reasons. I’ve made one big mistake. That is… my friends; to let fear get to me. To not make this too personal lets just say Norway has a lot of rules, because that’s a fact. Then lets say I was trapped in a tiny hole in the system and lost my will to fight. No this is NOT a movie on prime time BBC ( but it could be, believe me…) Enough said. For some reason I want to protect the people in our wonderful system.

Lets talk about how fear can get to us. It got me. Don’t ask me how I can survive cancer and still be afraid, I should be lined up for talkshows and signing deals for a bestseller. But then life happened again.

I got it now; trust. Trust and faith. I mean, there’s a limit right? I mean for everyone. I think mine has been stretched quite far. But I say stop to anybody else telling me what to do or not to do. I take back control of my life. Now. I DO NOT FIT INTO A BOX, and never will. Let it go.

I wish you all the power to do what you need.

Love, Anne