Wipe out!

Kind of thought I was superwoman. I’ve been babyblissing, not sleeping and starting a business. Surprise it was a bit too much. So I’m slowing down and trying to remember what I’ve learned the last year. That I’m here for a reason and that I have a power inside of me waiting to be tapped into. True. Just didn’t count on the fact that I’m still human, and need sleep and rest. Oh well. We all have our weak points.

That said, I’m proud that before Ariana is 6 months I will have had 3 exhibitions, and started the process of selling my Dreamy Animal limited Prints to shops, as well as produced Greeting Cards. Anb hey, just feeding my angel and taking care of her. But maybe not so much taking care of me. That’s gotta change.

So, baby ok; check. Business on the way; check. Taking care of me; will do better.

Wish you all a wonderful autumn, be good to yourself!

Dreamy Animals, now in shops, more coming!

Series 2