Finally some flow!

Inbetween feeding baby and learning the tricks of precious sleep, I decided to get some business flow into my life. You can say I feel like superwoman at times. This weekend I went to a Norwegian Trade Fare to get my artprints into the shops to get some much needed moneyflow. And miracles do happen indeed. Maybe not the way I thought, but still. So I can finally lower my shoulders that have been warming my ears the last months, and enjoy the flow I’m in. My artprints are finally on the way to a shop near you! By the way, if any of you know any shops in or outside Norway, let me know. I don’t mind taking the world with imagination and dreams! The prints are printed in limited edition and are all signed by me. 30x40cm. Great prices, I ship worldwide! My Dreamy Animals, Drømmedyr in Norwegian wants to spread love and dreams to children all over, and grown-ups too!

Have a great week, may you all have a magical one!