New dreams.

When one dream goes down the drain, you get a chance to reconsider your perspective. Was this really what I wanted? Besides it doesn’t matter, the past is gone.
I’m now rebuilding and finding a new path. I want to be free. To me that means flowing. But what I realized is that even if I’m tough on the outside and strong as a mountain, I’ve also been very angry that all of this happened to me. Of course I also know there’s a reason it happened. I’m still pissed off that it all happened the way it did, and I have the scar to prove it.

I feel so blessed with Ariana. She is an angel. But I haven’t let myself be angry. There was no time. I had to save her and me. We chose to come back to Norway, moved country within days. At the time all I could do was to be strong and hold my head high to not fall apart.

Now that I can breathe again, I feel the anger. So I decide to let it go. It’s time to allow life to guide me to a new dream. I think my eyes are finally open. Life is good when you feel good, and if you feel good, life is good.

It helps with a babysmile, it reminds me that we all come to this world trusting and free.