Welcome to the world Ariana!

As you know there’s a new family member that rules the day and night. Of course that changes everything. But one thing only gets stronger. The feeling that I can teach her that everything is possible. Because it is. I can be the one to give her options. Even if they still don’t teach healing or positive thinking in school, I can be there to teach her. And then she can teach somebody else. And just like that there is more light and more healing in the world.

She has already taught me to listen to my instincts, to trust myself. Let’s see who’s going to teach who about life…

I’m not saying I’m not tired or that it’s not turned the world upside down, but I guess it’s what you focus on. It’s like everything else, what you focus on gets bigger. So I decide to focus on the smiles and not the crying, the moments when I feel the love, not the lack of sleep, because  when she looks at me, I feel like for now there is nowhere else I need to be or nothing else that’s more important. I’m where I’m suppose to be. Life is full of light.

I wish you more light and less worry. It will all be ok, just trust me! Ariana is living proof that miracles happen!

3 weeks old; Ariana is the light in my life.