Kicking fears ass and having cake.

Sometimes I wonder what reality I live in. But one thing I figured out is that acceptance of what is, can open the door to a greater reality. I’m still lost. But I have faith, most of the time. I guess some of us struggle with the light and the shadows. I know I do. Maybe I’m meant to learn something. I’ve heard that when everything crumbles down, it’s because it’s an opportunity to rebuild you life. How amazing and annoying at the same time. I get it. I do. But just give me a break, huh?

The first thing I thought about when he big crisis hit me, was; Am I going to die? The second crisis hit: Does my baby have to die for me to live? Ok, so be it, I thought. Acceptance. But then I thought; No way! I’m going to do everything in my power both of us to live. I started listening, really listening.. To my inner voice, soul, heart, call it what you want. Of course I wasn’t going to die. Neither was my baby. We have too much to accomplish, to create, to live. Doctors, I respect you, but I got this.

Rebuilding a life is no piece of cake. There is so much comfort zone issues, so much that my ego wants to control. But slowly, day by day, I’m seeing more light and less dark. My baby in my belly reminds me of miracles. I’m getting there. I’ve been face to face with fear, and kicked its ass.  Maybe it’s time for cake?

New inspired illustration by me:

My new illustration: I am a dreamer.