Let the heart speak

There is a moment after the change where nothing seems to happen. You’ve done what you can, read all the books, written all your lists of how you want things to be. You’re ready. You’ve done your best to change your old patterns. Then there’s this soft voice telling me to let go and allow. Allow good things to happen. The trauma is in the past. Even the past is in the past. Changing years of a way of living, thinking and acting takes time. I feel like I’ve peeled the layers of an onion.

So I guess the only thing to do is to ALLOW… Sounds easy, huh? Yeah, yeah, easy peasy.

So I shut up. I listen. It’s quiet. My heart says nothing. It’s just beating; allow, allow, allow. The snow is falling softly outside my window. The cats are purring. I’m smiling. Maybe my head has finally caught up with my body (again)…

Have a beautiful day, listen to your heart…

Illustration by Anne Onsøien