My light bulb moment!

When a miracle happens, it can be hard to believe it. Even for me. But what I didn’t count on was how hard it is for the world around me to believe it. So why do I care? The thing is I do care. Too much about to many things. Which makes my energies sometimes blend with the “real world” where people work hard and things don’t fall from the sky, if you know what I mean.

In my reality, the one I’m working on blending more into, I also work hard. But not 8-4, it’s more hard work on the brain and spirit. Changing old patterns. Trusting in my own power, believing that when a miracle is happening it’s real, not just my imagination. I mean the kind of reality that Gabrielle Bernstein, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer and so many more are living in. It seems after I landed back in Norway, I adapted my old reality and “forgot” about the miracle that happened to me/ that I made happen, because it was too much for the outside world to swallow. Who cares? Right?

Here comes the light bulb moment! I have to expect miracles, especially after the one miracle that saved me and the baby in my belly. I owe it that much. What I don’t owe, is the surrounding world an explanation. I mean, it’s my miracle after all, believe it or not!

Soul Fashion by Anne Onsøien