Eye-opening moments!

I’ve had a very good friend over from Norway this week. Apart from wishing I could change the weather so she could get 7 days of sun here, I am amazed at how much I’ve realised by just having someone elses perspective on my life. We all get stuck or muddled, at least I do. Often. More than I’d like to admit. I guess that’s the side-effect of searching for purpose. However, her fresh breath of air has allowed me to be very thankful for the life I have made for myself. It really is all about the way we see it.

I have searched my whole life. For meaning, for purpose, for another way than the society around me has proven to work more or less. I thought to myself very often in all my in-between jobs at paper-pusher offices ; There has to be more! Yet all the baggage I brought from the past kept hindering me to fully live life the way I truly wanted. Did I settle or give up? Not yet. I have forgiven, forgotten and released so much baggage the last year, that I’m quite sure I actually could fly if I wanted to! The thing is, I haven’t seen it yet. Untill someone else tells me their view of my life, I thought I was so far from the finish line, I was seriously considering lobotomy (just kidding!).

So a new fresh viewpoint has been very eye-opening! Suddenly I see more of my talent, more of my skills and much more of how much healing I’ve done. You see, when you read these books about healing and finding your potential they never say it’s going to take you years to get there, but then again that wouldn’t be a very clever marketing trick; “Heal yourself completely in 5 years”, or “Get super-healthy in 3 years”, or how about “Find yourself this lifetime!”

How about you my dear friends? Did you press play on Life?

Live. Adventure. Follow your bliss. Press Play. Copyright Anne Onsøien.