Where’s the power?

Today it’s time to clear out old stuff, make room for the new. All though I feel like putting my head under the bed and wait for spring, I feel a strong need to cleanse. To be inspired, to renew.

I start by cleaning my desk and making a coffee, that’s my thing. it makes me feel comfort and joy, like I’ve pressed the button for a new adventure:

Click here to be inspired.

I go through magazines, books and try to find something to inspire me, but I don’t really know what I’m looking for. I drink my coffee and wait for IT to happen. It’s nice. I just flow. I need some power. To feel renewed and refreshed. I just clicked sync on my iPad, and feel like doing the same on myself. Where’s the little box that says:

“Click to restore power here.”

Click to be inspired and restore power.

And what do you know! Suddenly I feel it, half way through the cortado coffee. The world didn’t abandon me, I don’t have to hide under the bed or give up. I found it. My power. It was there all along.

There’s hope.

How about you? How do you restore your power?

Have a magical day everybody, and may your power be strong!