What’s your superpower?

Inspired by Danielle LaPorte I started thinking about my superpowers! Is it flying, is it invisibility or perhaps invincibility?
Maybe it’s dreaming. Because that’s when I feel the most invisible and powerful. Untill someone squashes my ideas. Then I get really sad and annoyed. However this where I think I can insert my other superpower: stubbornness. I rise again. I might get kicked down sometimes, but I dust off those rather negative remarks from people who either don’t dream, don’t see the future or don’t like change.

My kryptonite is probably energies, bad ones, or negative ones. I’m a sponge. So summed up:
My Superpowers are:

Stubbornness (a much nicer word; willpower…)
Oh, and Inspire others…oh and creativity and painting and writing…

Kryptonite: Negative energies. ( and sometimes getting in my own way).

I’m sure I can find more, but now I want to hear about YOUR SUPERPOWERS!
Can you fly, run or swim superfast, or something even cooler? Tell me, I’d love to know!

One of my new paintings made with a paintbrush splashed in paint, a calligraphy pen dipped in ink and a dash of love:


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