Not grateful yet…

I wish I was a beacon of light upon my own sky all the time. But not so much at the moment. I complain. Then when one of my dreams suddenly becomes a reality, I only see what’s missing and what I could do better. This is not what I tell others, it’s certainly not what I read in interviews with enlightened people. Really, I’m suppose to be jumping of joy, take one day at the time, enjoy the fruits of my labour. Allow the good things to happen. Yes, that’s what we’re suppose to do when life is supposedly on track, or all the time actually. Stop whining, stop being ungrateful. Well, I’ll remember that for next time, I promise! Untill then I’m working on my gratefulness:

Today I’m grateful for my cats, they keep me smiling.
I’m also grateful for my morning soya cortado.
I’m a little bit grateful that I happened to read a Oprah Magazine while waiting for the doctor today, so that I was reminded how grateful I might be if I stopped complaining. ( Nothing serious by the way, unless the doctor can give me a pill against ungratefulness ).

So yet again I’m on the right track, all though still waiting for the doctor.
Maybe I have time for a list of things I’m grateful for! That’s a good idea, what about you, are you ungrateful or grateful, and why? Tell me before I go on about the rather dull decoration in this waiting room! I have a lot of time, inspire me!

My cat Fluffy keeps me smiling:

Fluffy the cat