Don’t step on my cloud!

The bar is open and I’m struggling to remind myself why we do what we do. Thankfully I have good friends to keep reminding me why. We’ve had a lot of great feedback, and then….one million ideas of how to improve. Seriously, why don’t they rent a bar next to ours and show us how it’s done? Hey, there’s a brilliant idea! (I’m so smart).

Yeah, I have a big mouth when I get some time to think about it. But in the moment I’m just standing there listening to it all, being a good girl. Yes, we could move the fireplace, yes, we could change the tables, yes we could also have different candles. The thing is, after 6 weeks of trying to fix the bar up to a decent standard with no budget, lying awake at night wondering how we’re going to get it all done, taking care of a million things and paperwork, what we really need is a holiday!

I’m forever grateful for you guys here on the blog for cheering on me when I’m hiding under the bed wondering where I’ll get the power to move on. (Not literally hiding under the bed, because there are too many scary dustbunnies).

Love you all, I promise I’ll post some more photos after I’ve had a nap, and remember to bring my camera…

I wish you all well, and if you have any dreams, I’d love for you to share them with me! I promise I’ll give you all the support in the world for you to make them happen!

Here’s some photos from my phone for now, untill the big reveal of before/after: