I just want to be me.

When my dream is about to be realised, even though it doesn’t look the way I imagined, for a moment I have this sense of weithlessness, like I could fall through the sky any minute.

I have moments of no pain, no inflammation, it’s a bliss. That’s when I conquer the fear and decide to keep going. I live in those moments. I don’t really care if it’s chronical fatigue or whatever, but in those blissful moments I know I can get better. I just have to remember to take care of myself, and doing that with a deadline to open a bar over my head is a challenge.

This is why I share my story, because I know I’m not alone. I know so many of us struggle with different kinds of things. I don’t want to be flawless, a perfect airbrushed magazine cover. I just want to be me.

My healer/massage therapist ( who saved my life) says it’s like something is pushing me down. He straightens me up, then when I come back, it’s like I’ve shrunk. Interesting, huh? I think it’s about time I stop holding myself back. Stop being in pain. Because it’s not really doing anyone any good.

I want to shine, flaws and all.

How about you, do you let yourself shine?
I wish you all the love and light in the world, go shine!

Me on a good day:

Keep dreaming