Getting the right focus!

Oh my, that’s really hard sometimes. Thankfully I have this flowy feeling that it will all be ok, that even though there’s a crisis in Portugal, and everybody is complaining and saying business is no good, especially in Algarve where we are about to open our place. It’s not encouraging. Really! But then I keep remembering that to innovate and do something new you can’t be a sheep following the other sheep, you gotta grab life by the balls and go for it. If not there would be no development or evolution, right?

We are not really inventing anything new, on a world scale I mean. There are plenty of cities that might have more “trendy” places than ours. For sure. I come from Norway, and lived most of the time I wasn’t escaping the cold, in Oslo. With some of the cosiest, hottest, coolest cafe’s and bars at my doorstep. Then I lived in London, and enjoyed the urban life with plenty of places to choose from. But Algarve has definitely skipped a beat. The sun and beaches are amazing, however it’s time to catch up on the rest. When Luis opened Ocean Drive (Read more about Ocean Drive) in 2000, it was the first place you could hear your own voice and actually have a conversation with nice background music. That’s still the plan, with a few added touches. 13 years later, it doesn’t seem that we have to go very far to “innovate”. Just some creativity and positive thinking. As well as a dash of FAITH.

The main thing is that with our heart and souls we want to create a place with atmosphere and joy. A place where you feel like maybe you could drop by and have a glass of wine or coffee, a piece of cake or a yummy tapas, instead of sitting at home. You could even get inspired by the art on the wall. Maybe even enjoy it so much that it puts a smile on your face. How about that? A place where hearts meet.

When I close my eyes and see all that we want to create, I can see it clearly. I just gotta shield myself from the ones who wants to complain and stay stuck in the past. Because ME, I’m moving forward.

How about you, are you focused on what you are good at?

Happy Bubbles

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