Being realistic never got me anywhere.

Now, that’s my opinion! Today I had a chat with Sandra, who like me and so many of us has a dream. I know how she feels when people around her start taking about being realistic, and practical when she mentiones her dream. Seriously! Following a dream has more to do with believing and trusting your power than being “realistic”. And that’s that! It’s not easy having a dream when you are surrounded by people who believe you are a little bit strange and unrealistic. It’s not that I don’t have inspiering people in my life. But honestly I wish I had more. So let’s inspire eachother, now!

I’m collecting all my power to the opening of Ocean Drive, because to inspire I need good energy!

Our motto for Ocean Drive is: Constructive ideas welcome!

How about you, do you have a dream?

A little dash of homebaked love for you all on a very dreamy / unrealistic saturday: