Fresh new blank page

I just love new chapters in life. Sometimes I just want to close my eyes and see that everything around me has changed. I guess it’s all about new perspective isn’t it? And what better way to start a new chapter than now, in a new fresh un-used, unspoiled year!

I’ve been around for a few years, so I do know I’m probably going to fill my head with some of the same worries and thoughts as before, but for just a moment let me imagine that this year will actually change my whole life in a grand way with big letters.

Since last year, I mean this year..see, I’m already ahead of myself… I have actually made sure that things will change. Me and my love are opening a bar together. Yiiha, big cheers! It is actually his bar and it’s been rented out till now, when unforseen circumstances made it so we decided it’s best to jump in it and do it ourselves. Portugal is in crises like so many other countries, and the only way we’re going to make this work is with a positive attitude and a fresh mind.

The plan is to have a little gallery and tapas, wine and other cosy things for people to enjoy. A place where you can forget your troubles and feel good. For now it will be open only nighttime, and then we’ll see. One step at the time.

It’s a bit scary, I’ll admit. But the thought of a fresh new start makes my stomach tickle with golden butterflies. To kickstart the new year.

How about you, do you feel good about the new year?