Is the daydream a dream?

Once upon a time I wanted to be a gymnast, and then I was thinking about being a ballerina for a while, and then I turned 14, and I found other interests. But I never really liked it, I didn’t even dance. I just wanted to be graceful and thought the girls looked so beautiful. I never pursued it at all, it was just a fantasy. I’ve had lots of those. Dreams, fantasies and daydreams. I also used to daydream about meeting Jon Bon Jovi and then I changed my mind for the guy in Europe with the long hair, Joey Tempest, probably because he was Swedish and it was more likely that I went over the border from Norway and just bumped into him. Just like that. No such luck. It didn’t happen.

That was many years ago, obviously. I grew up, and realised in spite of never meeting either of the long-haired men with perm, that dreams can come true, but it’s only worth it if it’s what I actually want, do you know what I mean? If I wanted to be Mrs. Jon Bon Jovi, and that was truly meant to be, perhaps it would happen, but only if I actually pursued it. Like when I moved to Portugal, it was a dream of mine, a longing, it ached in my body, screaming; go, go go. Well, I had to do it, right? But when people say I’m so lucky, I’m thinking…YES, I guess I am, but it only happend because I booked the ticket and put my ass on that plane, right? And did I really want to be Mrs. Bon or Mrs. Tempest at 14? Well, what do you think?

So maybe what I’m saying is that there are daydreams and there are DREAMS, and THEN we have to go and get them!

How about you, are you a dreamer?

“Sheep in heaven”, Canvaspainting by Anne Onsøien.

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