It isn’t always a piece of cake!

When I create a new design or a painting, I sometimes have to work against my own mind. I have to force myself to do it different, try a different pen or technique. If not it will all be the same. I’m constantly challenged by my man who says; Yes the elephant is cool, now try something else. Then I get annoyed for a moment, before I realize it’s what I have to do; Keep expanding. This is not only true for art and design, but life itself. How are we ever going to create something new if we keep using the old rules?

Yes, sometimes i agree with the saying “If it works, don’t change it,” like let’s say you always drink your coffee black because you like it, or you always eat your soup with a spoon. That works for you, fine. I mean, you could try to eat your soup with a fork and see. Or put some milk in your coffee to try. But you don’t have to, it’s up to you.

I hear a lot of “oh, but it’s so easy for you to draw, or paint, it comes natural.” YES and no. That depends on how open I am, and how many times I’m willing to fail to get it just right. You think I show you all my sketches, all my white papers curled up in the trash-bin? You got it; NO.

The first time I drew an elephant, was the first time. And sometimes it works because I trust myself. Sometimes it ends up in the trash. Poor elephant you say, yes but he is hopefully happy to be part of the process, or maybe he still exists in the new lines of the next elephant? Or my Cow down there, I was convinced the first few times I tried to draw a cow that I couldn’t do it.

So, honestly, the only reason it works is because I’m willing to try.

How about you: How do you stretch you imagination and walk across that line?