Time to shine!

When I embarked on this journey called life, I didn’t expect to be so amazed. It’s just nothing like what they teach you in school, is it? I’ve always liked to challenge the unspoken and spoken rules of the society I live in. It hasn’t always been easy or comfortable. But it seems the reward is about to be handed out. I have discovered things about old patterns and restrictions that we let ourselves live within because we’re taught to. I push through boundaries within myself and my surroundings. I annoy, I argue, I challenge, I don’t accept anything unless it makes sense to me. I wish I could say it has all been rather joyful. But that just wouldn’t be true. Has it been worth it. Yes.

I’ve discovered that you can just jump on a plane and find the love of your life, and still live with him 4 years later. I’ve also discovered that headaches and health problems can’t always be solved by taking a pill. You need to look inside. And challenge yourself to reach far outside your comfort zone. I’m pleased to say that money problems and struggles has made my relationship with my man even stronger, probably because I followed my heart in the first place. Do I wish I solved some of these issues earlier in life, or not have them at all? Yes. However, that’s why I’m happy that so many of us now are learning new ways of thinking and living so we can stretch the boundaries set by society. Because who is society if isn’t us?

I have learned that I’m an empath that takes in other people’s feelings and put them on my shoulders so to speak, I can heal headaches just by touching a person, all of this has made me a mess. Full of pain and health problems because I haven’t had the guidance to understand it. I’ve thankfully found people along the way who has given me the courage and guidance to keep learning new ways of seeing things. Now I can be that person, who can guide others and hopefully lessen the blow. I’m not on the finish line all wrapped up and done, I’m still exploring my path, my life and my powers so to speak.. We all have extraordinary abilities if we only uncover them. I’m starting to uncover and discover mine to let them shine.

How about you, what makes you shine?

A painting made for a friend to help her move her life in the right direction.