Settle for more or less?

Suddenly I find myself on unfamiliar territory. What if it actually goes well? Oh my!

I’ve been doing some soul-searching, ground-breaking, deep work on changing the way I think about money, from my roots from childhood. You see, I want to be really happy, not just settle with what the society and unspoken rules have told me for years. There are so many things I’ve learned that might be wrong. Like “Artists only make money when they’re dead and/or really famous”  and one of my all time favourites; You can’t do what you want all the time, it just doesn’t work like that”.

I could go on and make a really long list. I’m sure you’ve already come up with things to add to this. Or maybe you agree that we can’t do what we want, we must suffer to achieve it or other beliefs? What I know for sure is that it helps me to know that people like Louise L. Hay who started healing cancer already in the 1970’s to some of the newer voices like Gabrielle Bernstein and Danielle LaPorte, all have proved that we don’t have to suffer or settle. There might be other ways of thinking. I’ve suffered and cried, but thankfully also seen the flowers and the sunsets. I’m now convinced that I can do it, I can break through that wall of beliefs that really isn’t helping me anymore. So I guess I’m hopeful and a bit num, wishing they could teach some of this stuff in school for the next generation!

How about you? What’s your take on the world?

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