Finding the power within.

I’ve always been told I am strong and stubborn, not always meant as a compliment, but I usually take it as one. In the eight grade I wrote an essay, and I knew it was good. So I excpected a good grade. I don’t know how, but I had figured out that there was a system in place; the good kids got an A, the medium one got a B and a C, the bad ones got the bottom, a D and an F…

Somehow I just knew when I got my grade back that the teacher really didn’t read my essay, because some of the “good students” who were my friends got an A and I got a B- ( B minus). So I read it again, and said to myself; It might not be an A, but is sure isn’t a B-. It was heartfelt and a really good essay. I knew I wasn’t good at all subjects, mainly because I found them boaring, but I knew I could write. I asked my teacher if it was ok that I got another opinion, and she was not happy but said yes because she had to. Don’t expect a different result, she said knowingly and raised her eyebrows, as I raised mine…

To her surprise the other teacher who didn’t know who I was gave the essay a B+ and me a big grin on my face. I proved that there was an unspoken system in place. The teacher had their favourites, and I wasn’t one of them. I was to loud, opinionated and I argued to much. I didn’t accept that the teachers were God (s). Go figure!

The point is not the grade, the point is that we can decide if we accept other peoples truth or our own….

When I remember this, I just know that this is the voice of power that I need more of in my life. NOW!

I would love to hear from you:

What is your truth about life that others might not agree about?

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