Online express delivery on dreams?

I was just reading a book about slowing down and giving your dreams some space to breathe. Hmm, there might be something about that. We are in such a hurry to reach our goals, dreams, lists… maybe we´re not used to waiting? If we need something we just get it, if we don´t have the money we pay with credit card or borrow money from the bank. Easy solution! We can always just order online.

What´s going to happen if we just wait untill our dreams are ready to be fulfilled? Will somebody take our dreams from us, will they vanish in to thin air, will they run away? I have no idea. But I suspect from earlier experience that the dreams will somehow be fulfilled if we don´t suffocate them, hold them to tight, just trust them to come in the right time.

Yeah, all of this is well and good, but sometimes it´s hard to wait, hard to not know what´s going to happen. In our times with internet and all connections happening so fast, it´s even harder to wait. We´re so used to things happening in the blink of a sms or twitter second.

I remember when I lived in London, one of my friends came from Norway to visit. She was wondering why everything was moving so fast, she just wasn´t used to it, she almost felt a little bit sick. I know the feeling, London was moving to fast for me, or maybe I was moving to fast for me?

Maybe, just maybe, when it comes to dreams, they can´t always be ordered online with express delivery?

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