Do it your way!

I talked to someone the other day who assumed that if I couldn’t meditate on my “own” without using guided meditations I wasn’t completely spiritual. Ok so it was between the lines, but if it’s something I’m good at it’s sensing between the lines.

Say what you will but I believe we all need help, guidance to a certain extent, at least I do. I’m extremly independent, and like to do things my way, have be known to be stubborn (no idea why). I might shake my head and think you’re doing it wrong but it’s none of my business how you do things, right? If you need to watch Oprah to be inspired it doesn’t make you less or more spiritual, only more inspired. If you need to listen to music that I hate, so what? If it makes you happier, I’m all for it. If you can sit with legs crossed on a mountain and your only desire is to eat apples, go for it!

Which leads me to the spiritual part. I think it’s often confused this with sitting on a mountain meditating, legs crossed, enlightened. Well, how would the world function if we all did that? No one would be eating ice cream, all offices would be empty, no jobs, no tube, no nada. Hm.

I’ll let you in on a secret, my spirit ( yes my spirit did tell me that ) wants and needs support, guidance, love. It somtimes also lets me eat ice cream (or that might be my self, not my spirit or soul, but we all occupy the same body so that’s a tricky one…) Anyway, what I know for sure is that since I’m here on this earth and don’t have wings like an angel I’m probably meant to  live a life combined with spirit and body so to speak.

That means for me; living a full life, follow my dreams, try to not be grumpy to others too much, eat my apple and ice cream too, inspire, share, love and be my self, body and spirit… Fulfill my potential. And so on.

So, you tell me; apples or ice cream or both… OR like my giraffe…… a cloud!

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