Upside down and backwards.

We have a children’s song in norwegian called “Bakvendtland” by  Alf Prøysen which means Backwards-land. This is where I live. That’s me and my world. At least that’s how it feels sometimes. Not just living in Portugal, but living in my head, being me. Even living on Norway I felt like I was living in a world that didn’t always match my idea of the world. Kids love that song, it’s everything that’s “not normal” and “not the way it’s done”, it’s playful and funny.

I like to do things differently. Like when I worked as a tour guide in Portugal 11 years ago, and afterwards I studied Travel and Tourism. Would perhaps make sense to do it the other way around? Not to me, but then again, even I don’t get myself most of the time.

In the song east is west and being good is bad. The thing I have discovered living abroad, is that wherever we come from we learn to do things “the right” way.How many times haven’t I though to myself; but you just don’t do that where I come from! The thing is that in another country “the right thing” might be the opposite or actually completely wrong in someone elses mind.

Like when they say “now” in portuguese, they really mean later. In Norway it means yesterday. Ok, maybe a bit exaggerated, but you get the point. So me, I’m living in between later and yesterday and sometimes upside-down and inside-out. That’s what happens when you follow your heart and don’t listen to the grown ups…

If I listened to the grown-ups, I probably wouldn’t have seen a giraffe in an airplan, nor would I have painted it…

How about you, do you listen to the grown-ups?

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