Stop thinking, start flowing?

What if I could just stop thinking? Stop being a good girl, thinking about what I “should” do? That´s why I love the idea of travelling. When I travel, and I don´t mean going from Portugal to Norway on a plane, no, I mean like my first trip to see the world back in the 90’s. First stop Asia. With a backpack, two friends and open eyes. Who has time to worry about daily stuff, when the choice of the day is whether to eat pancakes or go around the corner to drink a sugarcane drink and watch people.

Ok, maybe I did worry a tiny bit if they where going to arrest us in China, when the police stopped the bus in the middle of the night with guns to ask for papers. Or maybe I was a little bit worried if I was eating rat or dog a few times, which I´m still not sure about. But it was also exhilarating having survived to tell the story. I love to go on adventures, because then I don´t get lost. It´s well known that I have no sense of directions, I wouldn´t do very well in the jungle, even in my own neighbourhood I get lost. But when I´m on an adventure, the point is to explore the unknown, and if that´s the goal, I´m never lost or worried, just excited!

When I travel, my mind is open and ready, it flows. Maybe the trick is to get that in our everyday lives, if only just a tiny bit? To stop thinking, and start flowing?

What do you think?