What makes you awsome?

My new favourite word! You are awsome, I am awsome! Really, we are…

This post is inspired by Sue Bock!

After writing the post What do you suck at? inspired by Danielle LaPorte, Sue and other bloggers, especially Cat started asking and telling me what I’m good at as well. I just want to clarify that the post was a way to show that we don’t have to be good at everything! So now I challenge you to tell me what makes you awsome!

So I’ll go first, I’m good at:

Creating, innovating, painting, writing and dreaming.

I’m very good at sharing, I believe we can all learn from each other and life.

I’m awsome at being different, learning how to live as an empath.

I’m good at seeing what other people need, and I’m great at giving compliments!

I’m good at being with my love, and always seeing what needs to change when things are stuck.

I strongly believe we can’t put whipped creme on top of garbage, so I decide to tell you what I really believe I rock at, and instead work at some of the stuff I suck at, and/ or accept or change them…. So I quiet the voice that screams “but you are not….. !”

So what makes you awsome? Tell me… I really want to know!