Generation “Just do it all.”

That´s the thing about my generation, we were told that it wasn´t good enough to just have a job, it had to be  The One. It wasn´t good enough anymore just to have a relationship that gave support and comfort, it had to be Love. It wasn´t good enough to just stay home with kids, we should also have a career. And of course find out who we are, and be true to that. But did anybody tell us that maybe it didn´t all have to be at the same time? Talk about pressure!

I know for a fact that mummy’s in the 70´s had more than one glass of wine during pregnancy, that houswives´s from the 60´s didn´t all get to fulfill themselves. I know my grandmother was a wonderful artist, and she didn´t get to fulfill her passion. It was a different time. Now we know so much better, we know it all. It´s exhausting!

I´ve followed my dreams, mostly, and it´s very hard to be organized about that. Sometimes one step forward and two to the right, then three to the wrong side. The dreams float around and I keep jumping here and there, trying to fulfill them (and sometimes run from them)… it took me years to learn that it´s exhausting to do it all! I´m still learning, now I´m off to find the perfect balance. Maybe I need a GPS?