What do you suck at?

We usually try to hide what we suck at, at least I do. But I’ve been so inspired by Danielle LaPorte that I’ve decided to bare it all, since it can free up my genius side…

I suck at balance!

I’m a libra, and have been searching for balance most of my life, but I just realised that it’s not gonna happen! I try to find a balance between work and relaxing, but I get so caught up in my projects I drown myself and when I come up for air I’m exhausted. It’s kind of liberating to not have to struggle so much for it. But I am getting better at taking care of myself…

I suck at keeping in touch with my friends and their babies!

I just do, it can take weeks and months, and I forget birthdays and giving presents and that feels like crap. I want to be more present, but I just fade into my own world for too long.

I suck at making money!

I am sad to say I don’t charge for my art, not enough. One part of me can see how brilliant I am, the other part is just dragging me down. It sucks! I want to prosper and be free. Somehow I know I can do it, but I have so much resistance to being great and succsesful, what if I outgrow my man? Stupid, since he has believed in me for years when I didn’t make money and I’ve been seriously ill. He says I’m going to be famous because my art and me are special.

So… That felt good! Now I can move on;-) How about you, check out Danielle LaPorte’s website and grab your own badge to answer some questions! Check out her power videos too, I’m inspired!

Oh, one more thing: I suck at directions! I am like a goldfish, seriously, I get lost in my own town!

Goldfish, by Anne Onsøien

Illustration by Anne Onsøien, all rights reserved.