Spark my inspiration!

Sometimes I feel like hiding under the duvet or just hiding in general. Sometimes I don´t have inspiration for anything. It´s not inspiring when “everybody” around you are talking about how hard things are, or how little jobs there are if you are trying to find the courage to do something new and different. Then it´s nice to meet friends from somewhere else who can spark your inspiration, someone from outside your everyday-world.

Suddenly I feel alive again, like a switch has been turned on! I can do this, I just have to start. How can I worry about the end product before I´ve started? So true, yet again I feel like “the everyday” has swallowed me.

I have power and new air to breathe! When you live in Portugal, there are a lot of amazing things to fall in love with. There are also some things that can be a bit challenging, like the fact that it´s in some ways 20 years behind some other countries in Europe, and when the crisis hit, it hit hard. So thinking of new prospering ideas is best to share with those who are open-minded, and leave the rest to their worries.

So I have a new project in mind, you will see, right now I´m on my way to the sofa to let it brew…

How about you,  in need of inspiration?