Perfect for short attention spans!

I found this little site about Gardening for kids . The funny thing is, I was just looking for how to grow seeds in cotton wool. I remember doing that when I was a kid myself. When I read that this it´s perfect for short attention spans, I knew it was perfect for me, not just for kids! (Sometimes I have the attention span of a gold fish…)

The feeling of growing seeds and waiting for them to grow is exhilarating! It makes me feel like I´m a kid again! Every morning I go to the window to see if there´s any change. It´s like everything we do in life, we grow seeds, or ideas and dreams and wait.

The only thing is I´m not always that good at waiting. I want it all, now… However some things take time, like growing seeds. I go to the kitchen-window again for the 10th time to see if the seeds has turned into herbs. Not yet… Maybe tomorrow? I guess I better stretch my attention span…

I guess it’s a metaphor for so much in life, but you read into it what you want, and please share your growth stories, go on!