One of the good choices…

I used to travel by myself, even though most people told me I was insane. Perhaps that´s why I did it? I still take out memories from my travelpocket, and it fills me with joy. There is one in particular I must say was one of the good choices I made. It´s all about choice, good or bad, it´s up to us, isn´t it?

So 15 or so years ago, I found myself in beautiful Greece. I was full of energy, loving every minute of it. This takes place in Plaka, the old town in Athens. A man approaches me, says he is a photographer, and he noticed me walking down the street in my beautiful green dress. Well, flattery will get you everywhere, I was charmed. That sounds innocent enough I think to myself, I would love to have my picture taken.

Well, we talk some more, then he says “do you have any tan-lines from sunbathing?” This is the moment I´m taking about. This is it. This is where a choice must be made. Will I be stupid or smart? Even by myself, I figured out that perhaps this wasn´t something I wanted to look back at, having nude pictures all over Athens or even the world. I mean, one day I might be famous, and this is not the kind of dirt I want the press to dig up. I can be naive, but come on!

So, I smiled in my beautiful green dress, said bye-bye and went on with my journey, happy that I made a good choice! But trust me, I made some bad ones too…I just choose to tell you about this one!

How about you, any good or bad choices you want to share, go on!