Just do it tomorrow…


Didn’t have time today? Don’t worry, just do it tomorrow.

Another thing you learn in Portugal, is not to worry too much. Why worry, nothing you can do anyway. This is a good thing. The papers will come tomorrow, everything will be fixed tomorrow, it´s going to be a busy day tomorrow! So lets worry about it tomorrow, and since we don´t know if anything is going to happen according to plan tomorrow or if it ever will, the worries won´t come either! Clever, huh? I think they are on to something here in the south of Europe.

So, the joyful spirit-side of me loves the relaxed approach to life, the norwegian-rules-all-my-life has some adjusting to do. That just means I need to find the balance, and I will one day, maybe tomorrow?

How about you, how’s your tomorrow!