Self-help my ass…

Have any of you ever read a “self-help” book? Like; You can do it all or Think positive and you will have it all. The titles are kind of made up, but you get the drift? Anyway, I used to read lots of them, starting when I was 16. I tried desperately to find a solution, understand my self, fix myself. I understood a little bit more, I did. But mostly I felt even worst because I realized if everything that happens in life is all my responsibility, it´s also my fault? That sucks. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for positive thinking! My soul loves it!

So I found those books again, years later, and I´m reading them again. It´s easier to see the whole picture now, understand what I can change and accept it. That´s because I have lived, put a few more years of life-experience on my hips. Somebody who was 38 when I was 16 probably tried to tell me, that I had to learn by living. Hey, somebody over 60 would probably tell me I´m only a child, actually somebody over 60 did tell me that! The books help, they do, but most of all, I´ve learned to help myself, and I guess they have to take some of the credit. They made me search.

I just wish they could add a little spoon of humor! Maybe I’ll write a fun book one day about self-help! Like “How to Self-help without kicking yourself in the ass…”

How about you, did you crack the code on how to help yourself? Is your soul happy?