Celebrate change!

I’ve worked on a book project for the last months, and finally I’m done! Well, I’m never done… It can always be better. However I’ve drawn the line. It’s done. My body is saying take a break, so I listen. Recently one of my dear friends dropped in for a quick weekend, and we had a lot to talk about. Then I realized that this project was my way of implementing my new way of living and working.

After being so burned out for years with various not so fun halfass diagnosis like chronic fatigue syndrome and other “there’s nothing we can do, but you look fine- doctors diagnosis” I’ve had to make my own recovery with my own medicine; rest, meditation, less stress, structure, positive thinking and no doctors. I’ve also had treatment to release the inflammation in my body. Thankfully I have the most understanding and caring man in the world, so I’ve had the support to change my life.

I really needed a weekend with girlytalk! It can really help when everything has been bottled up and you don’t see your own amazing change. We both changed, what looked like baby-steps to ourselves seemed like elephant-steps to the other. I’ve structured myself to work a little bit every day, and learned to listen to my body. I’ve started swimming 3 times a week. I’ve learned to just let the mess stay and not go insane. Basically I’m learning to live with my self while accepting the way things are for now. But not accepting that I’ll be sick for ever, just understanding how to heal.

How about you? Do you celebrate change and other cool stuff you’ve done?

“Celebrate”, painting on canvas, by Anne Onsøien