I go pink!

I never got to wear pink when I was a little girl, because I had red hair. It was just unspeakable to wear pink with red hair in the 70´s or 80´s.  So little Anne was a very retro kid with clothes just like the wallpaper, you know brown and orange psychedelic colors and patterns, with a homemade haircut. I guess I was cute, if you look at it from a grown-up perspective. My best friend had wallpaper from a fairytale, really girly and pink, oh how much I wanted her room!

Maybe I could have been cool, because red hair really isn’t a bad thing anymore, but I just wasn´t cool. Especially because later in my teens I had braces,  glasses with a lovely 80´s mintcolor and …. FRECKLES! It was hard.  So whenever I can now, I buy pink, and I drink pink. Just because I can. Sure I have to find the right shade of pink, and maybe stay away from pale babypink, but I have choices now! See how much childhood can affect your life… !

So now I go pink!

How about you, do you have anything that you want to reclaim from your childhood? Go ahead!