Dreams or reality or both?

The other day someone in a movie I saw said “Dreams are great, but they don’t always match reality…” Hmmmm, the dreamer and artist in me jumped up and thought; if we think like that, how are we EVER going to get anywhere? Then I thought maybe it’s about finding a reality that works for me, and making sure not everything is beyond reach? You see, sometimes I can kick myself in my ass (not literally of course) for being so demanding. Yeah so I don’t like everything about the appartement we live in now, not by a long shot. No garden, just a balcony, not enough open space living. And so on.

Then again, if I instead find the things I like about it maybe my dream of a new house with a garden won’t be so far away, or at least the wait will be more pleasurable? I’ve focused so much about the things I don’t like that every time I see those things I get annoyed, so you do the math…when I work at home…. That’s walking by the things I don’t like many times….Yeah, you get my point!

Let me show you an example; yesterday I had no pain anywhere just for a brief moment. For years I’ve had whatever the doctors call it; ME, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, been burned out or anything you can think of that they can’t give me a pill for…. I’ve worked my way up and found ways of coping and healing. This is why I work at home. So, I woke up and had no pain in my shoulders or seemingly anywhere. Then I thought; What’s the opposite of pain? Because saying to myself I’m pain-free is not exactly a positive phrase. You see, the body gets used to pain, and we get used to our patterns. Even if we don’t realize it.

So I said to myself; Today I’m full of JOY, where there was pain there is now JOY. It helped, it released even more tension and relaxed my mind as well. It’s not like it’s the first time I’ve had that thought, but it was so clear to me that I have to change the patterns in my body NOW and FOREVER since I am getting better, and the pain doesn’t have a hold on me in the same way anymore. Then I thought, I’m going to love my home, I’m going to love it so much it will one day become a house with a garden. I’m going to focus on healing and making my reality closer to my dreams, so they won’t always be beyond reach.

What do you think, are reality and dreams compatible?