Lost or found?

I spent most of my years from 16 trying to ” find myself “, and didn´t realize until now that it was just part of growing up. I thought finding myself was cool and different. Ok, so maybe I still haven´t figured it all out yet. But I’m getting there. A good friend once replied when I said that I know who I am, but not what to do with it; Maybe it’s like looking for your sunglasses and find out an hour later that they’re on top of your head!

That reminds me about the time I told my Spanish teacher some  years ago before my spanish-exam that it was very difficult for me to speak spanish and I had so much difficulties expressing myself because I always came to this brick wall, and my brain would freeze, and so on….I said all of this in spanish. She looked at me smiling and said; I think we can safely say that you are over that!

Lost or not, when I look in the mirror, somehow I´m always there! How about you? Are you lost or found?

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