Body catching up with mind…

Sitting here on the sunny balcony, floating on the idea that it’s weekend even if it’s not, I wonder; Is time floating aswell?
I ask because this day has lasted forever, and still there’s time, more time. How come? Maybe it’s because I walk slow, not running into tomorrow? Maybe it’s just because time can feel like it’s lasting longer when I have no plans, because my mind is set on weekend even if it’s Tuesday? I don’t know. But I ‘ve always wondered why some days seem to last longer than others. This is one of those forever-days.

Is it because the sun stays up later, so the day is actually longer? Maybe that’s part of it. One thing I know is; my body is again about to catch up with my mind… could that be what’s giving me more time? Who knows, I just like to ponder and wonder, and it seems I have time for that today.

It could also be because I don’t have a headache today like I had for the last few days, so I’m extremely grateful and happy to be free of pain. I guess I can wonder about time forever or just realize there are some things I’m just not going to understand or explain.

In our society today many people value time higher than money, I get that. Because to me this day is worth a million or more…

Time for another famous Anne-Cortado, well it’s not really famous, just to me…my soya milk and espressocoffee; grind coffee beans (ahh the smell…) put water and coffee in a bialetti espresso maker. Wait. Steam and froth soyamilk in a glass…add hot coffee to your liking…then… enjoy!  My third… It takes more time than pressing a button, but oh so worth it. Pluss a pancake…for my soul.

How about you, do you value your time?