The little Perfectionista

Everything doesn´t have to be perfect! Some of us show early signs of being a little bit hard on ourselves, even at an early age, this is a story from the little Perfectionista (that would be me):

When I was 8 or 9 years old, my mum had to help me to draw Jesus and his disciples. I just couldn´t get it perfect, I tried for hours and hours, but it was hard. I mean, it was Jesus, not just anybody. But I had to do my homework, and it was getting late and I was hysterical. So to avoid an explosion my mum drew Jesus with his disciples lightly with a pencil, and I drew on top. I still remember that I wish I could draw like that! She was amazing, she could draw!

Somehow in my head I could not draw, it was as simple as that! So to trick myself years later, I started to paint instead, same, same but different. My first octopus drawing was made with a black pen, not a pencil, and I called it a sketch, not a drawing.  Because I still can´t seem to draw with a pencil…it’s something that still is a hang-up of mine. But I still surprised myself. A lot. Because since my traumatic Jesus-drawing (that wasn´t even really mine) my head screams “but I can´t draw!” like this repeat button in my head.

I’m trying hard to change these voices of negative beliefs, so I’m happy I decided to trick myself to pick up the black pen… because when I sketch the octopuses and all the other animals, I feel pretty damn happy! The mind is a powerful thing…Imagine what you can do if you set your mind to it…or just trick yourself to do it in another way…

How about you? Do you have a belief about something that only exists in your head?

To see more drawings and illustrations from the now grown up little Perfectionista (who’s learning to go much easier on herself) click on the octopus: