That´s how the light gets in…

There´s a crack in everything, that´s how the light gets in… (Leonard Cohen). I read this today in a magazine, and it made me think about how non-perfection sometimes is pretty nice. It´s nice when not everything is perfect, when people are human. When a house is not like a page in an interior magazine, when it´s a bit messy. (Ok, not too messy..) Then I feel like I can breathe. Of course it´s nice when things are clean and pretty. But that´s not real life, not all the time. When somebody else is sad about something or did something stupid, we often say; oh I´m glad it´s not just me..not in a bad way… you kind of feel connected. It´s not just you who can´t do it all perfect all the time.

I´m all for positive thinking, but some of those books about “getting everything you want if you think positive” sometimes forget to mention that it´s ok if you cry or fail or just do really stupid things. That´s when the love comes in, both from others and to yourself from yourself… somebody loves you even if you´re a bit hopeless one day or even a whole week. Isn´t that what it´s all about?