Less cranky, more happy!

I’ve fallen in love with the unstructured relaxed way of life here in Portugal. That is, when I stopped being so Norwegian expecting things to happen a certain way. Because if you expect rules to be followed and people to be on time, maybe Norway is the right place. I’ve embraced the untidiness and the way time just flows in all directions, not following any specific rules. It all got even better when I started meditating. I asked my portuguese man the other day if he’d noticed any change since I started meditating, expecting him to say wonderful things since I’ve had fewer headaches, less pain and more sleep. Yes, you’re less cranky, he said without thinking… I just burst out in laughter, which I wouldn’t have done before. I realized I’ve finally embraced myself and my new home.

I often get this feeling here that if things doesn’t get done in the moment they’re suppose to,  they hardly ever get done another day or tomorrow. They just seize to exist. Which to some extent makes sense, but is oh so annoying. So I’ve had to become more calm and more relaxed after living here almost 4 years ago, if not I would’ve gone insane. I really was a mess. I remember that I overheard my love saying to my mum after a year or so that “Anne’s head is almost connected to her body now…” So you see, I needed to live a place that has less structure and more place for a natural flow. I think it works especially well because I’m born a perfectionist, but also an artist. Norway was too structured for my artist side, I couldn’t breathe. In Portugal my artist side takes over the perfectionist side so there’s more of a balance.

Basically I’m less cranky and more happy!