But how do you know it’s a miracle?

Since reading some of the comments on my post It’s my miracle! I realized I didn’t explain WHAT A MIRACLE IS…. Now, this can be different for everybody, of course, just as different as how we like our coffee or tea. You can go through your whole life without having a single miracle happening. You know why? Because it depends what words you use to express an event or moment that I would call a miracle. Maybe someone else would call them; Luck, something that was meant to happen, coincidence, serendipity, life, good moments, signs or something else. Maybe you have a word for miracle?

Does it really matter? I want to make one thing clear, I believe in miracles, and I love calling them that, because it makes my spirit very happy. So, on to the miracles; A miracle to me could be someone reminding me about how to proceed to achieve a goal, giving me a lightbulb moment in a time I thought impossible. This could also be something I see, read or hear in a moment I really need it. See, it doesn’t have to be big, but it’s big to me. So it’s a miracle, and when I say that, it makes me believe in more. You see where I’m going with this?

Another miracle in my life was when my nephew came crawling towards me every morning for the months I lived at my sister’s house to recover from a period of burning the candle in both ends, years ago. But those moments still appear to me in my mind, and I get tears in my eyes. A miracle or just a good moment, that’s up to me, isn’t it?

Then I have the miracles where an opportunity is offered to me, and it comes in a time when all hope seemed lost. Pling pling, miracle! I also remember when me and my two girlfriends were working as substitutes at schools and kindergartens in our 20’s to get money to travel. Sometimes I’d focus all my energy on imagining that they would call me to work, and surely they did, the very next morning. Miracle or powerful thoughts? Or just luck? Well, those money was well spent travelling the world and enjoying every day like an adventure. You tell me.

My point is that it doesn’t matter what you call it, but if you give those moments or experiences the name miracle, your life just seems a little bit brighter, doesn’t it? And your soul just shines a tiny bit more for every time you tell it that a miracle happened today. It makes you feel special.

Now, did you trip over any disguised miracles lately?

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