It’s my miracle!

Do you know the feeling when something amazing happens or is about to happen? It feels like magic, like a miracle landed on your doorstep. Then you tell someone, because you have to share it. There are the supportive ones who give you a hug a say you go girl, then there’s the ones that look at you with either pity or doubt with a “well-meaning” sentence that kicks you in the stomach and you fall down from the clouds.  That’s when you know you should have kept it to yourself just a little bit longer! I’ve learned my lesson a few times already. But I still believe that everybody wants me well, and that there will be peace in the world.

I write stories for children about magic elephants and I paint giraffes that can fly, what do I know? I do know this though, I prefer to be naive than to burst someones dream or hope. So even if someone is standing in front of me saying something silly like they dream about being taller, I just say; that sounds wonderful, then you can see the clouds better. Who am I to step on their hope or burst their bubble?

So, not to burst my bubble, or yours, but either keep your miracle a secret till it’s strong enough, or stand up and tell the person who dares to doubt you in the face and say;

It’s my miracle, be nice or stay away!

How about you; any cool miracles happen lately?