A dash of forgiveness?

Sometimes I have this sadness or pain in my chest and I don’t know why. Like I do right now. Most of the time I remember that maybe there’s something I have to let go emotionally or just have a good cry. That might be after I’ve been  to the fridge ten times and there just wasn’t any food that seemed right, or after seeing a couple of really silly happy-ending-but-cry-in-the-middle movies.

Very often after that I have a lightbulb moment, and remember that it helps to forgive. Forgive myself for all the luggage I have that sometimes wears me down, all the stupid things I’ve done to make my life harder. Yes, because with me, it’s mostly my own high standards that bites me in the ass. Over and over again. My own high standards might also reflect the way I see others, so it doesn’t hurt to trow a dash of forgiveness around the block.

In the past it has helped me to get rid of headaches and helped me to breathe deeply again. So I’ll try again; I forgive myself for everything, the past is gone anyway, why keep the pain? How about you, did you forgive yourself today?

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